Composite Bonding

Beautifully restored teeth in a simple, single visit.

A quick treatment performed in a single visit to the practice, composite bonding can effectively reshape your teeth and improve their colour and appearance. Composite can perfectly mimic tooth enamel and is colour-matched to each individual patient for a truly aesthetic look.

Unlike other restorative and cosmetic treatments, composite bonding doesn’t require any of your natural tooth structure to be removed to make space for the procedure. A high-quality dental resin is bonded directly to your tooth by our skilled restorative dentists, who make the tooth look good as new once the treatment has finished.

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What does the treatment involve?

We will first prepare your tooth with a special acidic gel, creating a rough surface for the composite to bond to effectively.

We will apply the composite to your tooth in layers, gradually building up the desired shape. No anaesthetic or drilling is required and the treatment is completely pain-free.

Your tooth is then given a very high grade polish and shine, so the composite looks just like a natural tooth.


An excellent oral hygiene routine at home will keep your tooth looking great and keep it lasting for as long as possible.

Composite bonding is often used as the final stage of Invisalign treatment and for damaged or discoloured teeth. The restorations can be easily repaired if necessary and polished regularly to retain your beautiful new smile.

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