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General Dental Treatments

At Remarkable Smiles, we're dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain excellent dental health for life.

Our comprehensive range of general dental treatments is designed to address your unique needs and keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

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dental health assessments

Regular dental health assessments are the foundation of preventive care and early intervention. During your comprehensive assessment, your dentist will thoroughly evaluate your oral health, including:

A complete examination of teeth and gums
We'll check for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental health issues.

X-rays and 3D scans
X-rays and digital scans help us identify hidden dental problems, such as cavities between teeth, impacting teeth or issues below the gum line.

Oral cancer screening
Early detection of oral cancer can significantly improve treatment outcomes. We'll perform a thorough screening of your mouth and surrounding soft tissues to ensure your oral health is in good shape.

Bite assessment
A proper bite alignment is crucial for dental health and overall well-being. We'll assess your bite to identify any issues that may require treatment.

We recommend booking a routine hygiene appointment alongside your routine examination to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

General treatments


A filling is a very common procedure, and most of us will experience a tooth cavity that needs attention at some point in our lives.

Fillings may be required due to decay, damage or wear to the surface of the tooth. They offer a highly effective way to restore the structure and functionality of a tooth.

Tooth-coloured composite fillings are now more popular than the metal amalgam alternative, with many people choosing composite for aesthetic reasons. A composite filling can transform your smile in a cost-effective and pain-free way.

Effective solutions to cover defects and transform your smile.

If your teeth are suffering from damage that can’t be repaired with a standard filling, we can use a crown to restore structure and functionality. Crowns can also cover badly decayed teeth, protecting them from further damage, and conceal any discolouration or chips.

We are able to colour match your crown to your natural teeth, ensuring it slots perfectly into your smile. We can also make crowns from porcelain or ceramic material, making them as aesthetically pleasing as possible.


Root Canal

Root canal treatment can prevent extractions and the need to replace missing teeth.

We want to do all we can to protect your natural teeth. If we can treat the infection while preventing extraction, it’s the best result for your overall oral health as well as better in the long term.

A successfully treated tooth will function just as your other teeth, and will need regular care and maintenance to protect it from gum disease and decay. Regular cleaning, in addition to regular visits to your dentist, will keep your tooth in great shape for life.

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